Professional Medical & Healthcare Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of medical and healthcare facilities is paramount. For patients and visitors, anything short of perfection is unacceptable which is why we have specialized scopes of work for the healthcare industry. For professional medical cleaning services, our highly trained professional medical cleaners follow our specific guidelines and our experience-based approach allows us to tailor our teams and professional services to your specific requirements. Professional medical and healthcare cleaning is to be taken serious. At JNC, our goal is keeping your facilities clean, keeping your HCHAP scores high, and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your patients and visitors.

Any time our employees are cleaning at a hospital or within a medical facility, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is to be worn at all times. Due to the nature of a hospital setting, there are many potential risk factors involved. It would be detrimental if any patients were to acquire a new disease due to bacteria being left behind from a previous patient.
In order to reduce and eliminate this, a professional and commercial cleaning must be utilized where special precautions and standards are to be used. All equipment, floors, and rooms must be thoroughly cleaned. Following a thorough cleaning, all surfaces must be sanitized as well.

This is crucial and must be highly emphasized. The reasoning is, any surface could be cleaned from the debris or dirt particles, however, could still have bacteria lingering around ready to infect the next unfortunate victim. With this in mind, it is a responsibility of the staff to ensure elimination of this potential problem. The transference of germs or disease can happen in a multitude of ways. PPE reduces any transference from happening when worn properly and in the correct environment. PPE, for example may include a mask, which would help prevent the spread of germs via any respiratory droplets. Furthermore, it is essential and a necessity to wear gloves as well. When cleaning these surfaces and cleaning within a hospital setting, it is important to be mindful of whom accesses these facilities. Many times, the patients are not wearing PPE themselves and so, special attention must be used when dealing with surfaces that have been exposed to multiple hands. These surfaces are known as high touch areas and include things such as a doorknob, any railing, light switches and any commonly used item or apparatus.

After properly cleaning your hospital or medical facility, it is important to properly dispose of any waste. All waste and garbage that includes things such as tissues, or disposable supplies, must be put into a garbage bag where proper precaution and protocol is to be followed. To reduce contamination, doubling up on the bag may be an option. If the contents of the waste contain any liquid, it is even more important to ensure proper sealing of the waste. Any garbage can or holding for your waste must be cleaned out properly as well and disinfected.

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