With New Jersey’s apparent comeback, having reported a sharp decline in hospitalizations since the start of covid-19, the reopening of the entire state and the return to relative normalcy loom on the horizon. In order to ensure we can hit the ground running, it is essential that everyone follow protocol to mitigate any transmission and potential resurgence of the pandemic.

At the peak of the pandemic,

New Jersey reported over 8000 patients

Who tested positive for Covid-19 across all its hospitals.

At the peak of the pandemic, New Jersey reported over 8000 patients who tested positive for Covid-19 across all its hospitals. As of this weekend, hospitalizations fell below 400 patients, which has not happened since well before the Covid-19 pandemic even began. The downward trend is clearly the result of proper protocol, however we must remain vigilant even in the face of the virus’ decline and continue doing what we have been doing, what’s been working, what’s supported by the evidence.

Many businesses have reopened but with greatly diminished customer volumes. Gyms and movie theatres are prime examples of businesses that have been hard hit and that have clawed their way back slowly. NJ has remained in phase 2 as of June 15th, and a date for phase 3 has yet to materialize. We must continuously remain cognizant of our workspaces, our most frequented facilities, and our social distancing guidelines as part of the “new normal”. It’s not surprising that the medical space is at the forefront in this regard and, here at JNC, the cleanliness of medical and healthcare facilities is paramount. For patients and visitors, anything short of perfection is unacceptable which is why we have specialized scopes of work for the healthcare industry. Our cleaners follow our specific guidelines and our experience-based approach allows us to tailor our teams and services to your specific requirements. At JNC, our goal is keeping your facilities clean, keeping your HCHAP scores high, and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your patients and visitors.

Clean Medical equipment is critically important in preventing the spread of infections and blood-borne pathogens. Our highly skilled staff can disinfect, detail clean, and serialize to keep record of any piece of medical equipment that you may have. Contact us to find out how we can provide peace of mind by helping you to more effectively sanitize and maintain your medical equipment.

For professional cleaning services, terminal cleaning services follow all proper sanitizing protocols to ensure all surface areas and equipment are properly cleaned and sterilized to prevent cross-contamination. We understand how important following the correct procedures are for healthcare facilities in the Terminal Cleaning process and we strive to maintain a strict standard of excellence and professionalism in doing so.

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